Divorcer de son Private Equity, OUI c’est possible!

Au crépuscule de la dernière crise financière, les portefeuilles des clients ont accueilli des produits toujours plus sophistiqués. On retiendra les fonds alternatifs, dont les stratégies étaient censées être décorrélées des marchés traditionnels, les Private Equity de type Leveraged Buyout participant à la surévaluation des marchés ou les produits structurés dont les plus opaques ont[…]

Ten Predictions for How COVID-19 Will Transform Private Equity

The activism inherent in private equity’s investment-for-control thesis makes it particularly supple when it comes to adapting to crisis situations like that brought on by today’s COVID-19 pandemic. Optimism concerning private equity’s ability (and incentive) to collectively roll up its sleeves and transform challenges created by this crisis into opportunity – often through creative destruction[…]

Consultant’s claims and the evasion of responsibility

Safety in numbers’ mindset contributes to investment herding. It is only human to try to evade responsibillity for difficult decision, particularly when our careers might depend on it. The problem when nobody takes responsibility, bad decisions can flourish.  (…) The best known example of the problem was the power unwittingly vested in credit rating agencies.[…]