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Example N°1
CHF / Month
Some conditions apply
2 Custodians
100 Instruments
240 Transactions*
4 Consolidation reports*
0 Analysis reports*
*per year
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Example N°2
CHF / Month
Some conditions apply
5 Custodians
200 Instruments
560 Transactions*
4 Consolidation reports*
2 Analysis reports*
*per year
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Example N°3
CHF / Month
Some conditions apply
11 Custodians
250 Instruments
800 Transactions*
12 Consolidation reports*
4 Analysis reports*
*per year
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The volume of the elements listed below define our prices:

Where are your funds deposited ? We can deal with all sorts of counterparties such as banks, prime brokers, insurance.

We reconcile each of your portfolios every month.

Our system enables us to consolidate both your financial (Stocks, bonds, funds, etc.) and non-financial (collections, real estate, etc.) data. We aggregate them according to several criteria using an independent valuation.

We proceed to the booking of your transactions per portfolio with absolute scrutiny.

Upon request we can produce different types of reports. Analytical snapshots will highlight the main contributors to the performance and financial events. An in depth analysis will enable us to assess your performance attribution and the risks related to your investments.

Our pricing includes :

  1. Unlimited number of Groups.
  2. Systematic control of the fees and taxes charged on your investments.
  3. Online accessibility of your data and reports through CAPAct.

Should you have any additional questions or requests we remain at your disposal.

We look forward to doing business with you.