The growth in interest for the ESG defined investment market is undeniable. Family Offices, sovereign funds, or the United Nations pension fund keep on allocating a more significate portion of their investments into sustainable and long term businesses.

The attached thesis is a study made by Bruno Gillet during the CSR Advanced Diploma at the University of Geneva.
This thesis has been built on the expertise of Dr Michael Hopkins advisor to World Bank, UNDP, UNRISD & ILO and under the supervision of Dr Julian Roche of the University of Western Australia. 

What do we believe in?
At CAPAnalysis we believe in the Principle for Responsible Investment* and propose to our clientele an insight of their social and societal footprint through their investment portfolios.

How does it work?
Contribution to the performance: through tables and graphs we weight the ESG indicators at the performance level of the portfolios over a defined period.

On the one hand, to highlight whether the portfolio allocation has a high v/s low sustainable “profile”.
On the other hand, to assess whether the investment into low sustainable companies are worth being kept in regard to their performance contribution.

* Established in 2005 by the United Nations Environment Programme Finance.